What makes DDM Pharmacy Faculty unique?

  • An extensive focus on research, development and students' practical training.
  • 360-degree learning approach, with an overall growth in professional & Interpersonal skills.

Why Study Pharmacy?

  • The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industry today, with medications being the most contributory elements to Universal Healthcare, pharmacists occupy positions of importance in the medical chain.
  • The program involves a more practical hands on training, therefore allowing the students to develop an actual vocational skill which they can utilize to take up any of the various spectrums of the career from industry, to independent dispensaries and research.
  • Pharmacy is a versatile field which has endless career prospects, such as Consultant Pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacist, Dispensary Manager, Dispensary Pharmacist, Community Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacist, Medicines Safety Manager, Medicines Management Technician, Pharmacy Assistant, Senior Clinical Pharmacists etc.

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Here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls.

  • Course duration : 3 Yr
  • Degree Level : Bachelor Degree



Here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls.

  • Course duration : 2 Yr
  • Degree Level : Diploma

Founder’s Message

Er. Yogesh Kumar Maurya

Pharmacy maintains a position of great significance in the medical chain. The responsibility of manufacturing and distributing the forms of quality healthcare lies upon the pharmacists to diligently play their role in this chain. As a Founder of DDM College of Pharmacy, I feel, the legacy of innovation and leadership prevails in both our undergraduate and post graduate programmes, the source of which are our faculties and students. The challenges the world faces keep getting intricate every passing year, so we continue grooming and equipping our students with the abilities to fight these challenges, so as to discover new pharmaceutical solutions. You will be elated to note that the professional practice, state of art research facilities, our tie ups with reputed industries and constant support from the faculties help our students to achieve their dreams and ambitions in pharmacy. I welcome you to the College of DDM Pharmacy.